Spring, 2023

My schedule is currently full and I am not working with new clients. If you contact me (via the email address or phone number given below) and let me know your insurance coverage, I can try to suggest alternative in-network therapy options.

What kind of therapist are you?

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I work as both a pastoral counselor and a psychotherapist. 

The form of counseling I practice combines three ingredients:

  • a person-centered orientation;
  • solution-focused discussions;
  • cognitive-behavioral tasks.

For people who request it, counseling can also include a fourth ingredient:

  • spiritual guidance*.
*(This fourth ingredient is entirely up to you ~ it can be added if and only if you would like it included.)

What does it cost?

You should be able to feel better quickly and afford the fast help to get there. I am on a number of health insurance panels in New York ~ I currently accept the following plans:
  • Aetna
  • Empire Blue Cross (including Medicaid and Essential Plans)
  • EverNorth (which used to be called Cigna)
  • HealthFirst (including Medicaid and Essential Plans)
  • Medicare
  • MetroPlus (including Medicaid and Essential Plans) 
  • UnitedHealth
Under your insurance I bill your health plan directly and you pay only your copay. (The copay amount is usually in the range of $10 - $25 per visit, and it is listed in your insurance card, or I can find out for you.)  

Who would be helping me?

Here is some information about me:

  • I am a New York State licensed clinical social worker ~ I completed my graduate training in social work in 1983 (so I have been around for a while...).
  • I have a doctorate in pastoral care and have completed training as a chaplain.
  • Before starting as a therapist on my own, I worked at nonprofit organizations in New York City, including the City's public hospitals ~ NYC Health + Hospitals.

Where would we meet?

I am based in New York City ~ my office is on 25th Street and Broadway (near Madison Square Park). The address is: 16 Madison Square West, New York, NY 10010. 

If you prefer, we can meet online, using a secure video service.  

I have some questions...

Alison Brody Alpert


If we are meeting and working together for counseling and are focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills, please use this link to access the CBT pages and work sheets.